Guitar lessons

​Lessons are of small group orientation of similar ability groups ranging from Beginner, Intermediate, Intermediate-Advanced and Advanced. These lessons will be conducted on a Fixed Timetable of 1/2 hour duration. Commitment will ​​be on a term by term basis with upfront payment in the first couple of weeks. There is also the understanding that in missing one term there is no guarantee of continuity with the same group if restarting.

Guitar Tuning will occur at the beginning of the lesson and every 2nd term, ( End of Semester) a concert will be conducted near the end of term, giving children the opportunity to perform in front of an audience including their peers, parents and staff.  This also allows parents to acknowledge their children's progress throughout the term. For all lessons, children will require an Acoustic Nylon Guitar (preferably) for easier usage, and a Plastic P​​ocket Folder (preferably without spirex spine for longevity reasons).  These guitars can be sourced from any music store, preferably from Music Express Garden City (Jerry Hayes) who offers a sizable discount on the reputable G40 Yamaha (3/4 or full-size) Guitar.  Please label all equipment so that it doesn’t get lost.

We do have a lot of fun in the lessons and this does expand brain knowledge in using both sides of the brain simultaneously, in children learning to​ do multiple skills at one time via singing, playing, rhythms, reading music and the obvious hand-eye/motor​ skill co-ordination skills with playing an instrument.                                                  

Thank-you for you​r ongoing support.                                                                                          

Yours In Music,
Brendan Murphy