School Facilities

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St Matthew’s Parish School began in the mid 1980’s. Over time it has grown to support over 500 children in their learning. Facilities were planned for and grew with the school over time into an excellent educational facility. The school caters for students from Prep age through to Yr. 6. The Prep classrooms are set aside from other class levels and purposefully resourced for the first year of school. Like every other year, there are 3 classrooms in Prep that are surrounded by outdoor learning areas including a playground and open learning spaces.         

Classroom spaces in Years 1-6 are situated in 3 two story buildings and 1 other area set aside for the Yr. 2 cohort. Older children’s classrooms are upstairs and the Yr. 1, 2 and 3 classes are on the ground floor. We have recently been able to refurbish buildings that house the Yr 6, 5 and 1 areas supporting an effective way of teaching and learning. A master plan guides us to continue with this work over the next few years. All rooms in the school are air conditioned promoting comfortable learning situations for all.

Other facilities in the school include our Library, MacKillop place and outdoor spaces. We are blessed to have an excellent Library facility that promotes a love of reading and some excellent breakout spaces supporting EALD students, the teaching of Spanish and a gifted and talented teaching area we call ‘The Zone’. The Library is a base for all learning resources including our technology programs, STEM, teaching and a wealth of reading books that students and families can borrow. MacKillop Place was built with the support of the Federal Government and provides us with a wonderful outdoor (sheltered) learning area which caters for a multiple number of sports and also a gathering area for shows, assemblies and special occasions. It is surrounded by purpose built small breakout teaching areas where children can learn musical instruments, visual arts, classroom music and a stage area promoting drama. 
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The outdoor spaces in the school include 2 oval areas, adventure playgrounds for different age levels, netball courts and a gardening area. St Matthew’s community is bigger than just the school. Parish facilities include the Church, Hall area and Offices. The school partners with Parish in supporting all students and families in their Faith development. The Sacramental program for children and the Village Hub are both examples of this partnership. There is also a partnership with Catholic Early Edcare that provides Before and After School Care facilities and Vacation care.

A tuckshop and Uniform Shop are also onsite and provide a great support for families. There is a community bus stop directly outside the school on Bryants Rd.

St Matthew’s is blessed to have such wonderful facilities in the school. We plan for and maintain them well enhancing the great learning experience your child will receive at St Matthew’s.​​​