Acknowledgement of Country

The St Matthew’s school community acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the Lands across Cornubia and Loganholme. We pay our​ respects to the Elders past, present and emerging, for they hold the memories, the traditions, the culture and hopes of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. At St Matthew’s, we believe that, through learning about and working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, we can contribute to reconciliation and work to break down stereotypes and discriminative practices. 
We commit to gaining a greater understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and histories and connecting these to our school curriculum planning. 
In addition, we hope to foster a learning environment where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and families feel welcome in our school community. Education is a powerful tool in building reconciliation, and, at St Matthew’s, we hope to build genuine respect, understanding and reconciliation through education. 

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Our St Matthew’s Reconciliation Action Plan is coming soon!

In 2021, St Matthew’s school focus was genuine belonging. First Nations students from Prep to Year 6 co-created the school’s Acknowledgment of Country. This is shared at all school gatherings with pride by the community. The Acknowledgement of Country incorporates Yugambeh language. 

Wahlu'angah  (Be you in Yugambeh) 

Yuwahn'angah  (Be kind/nice in Yugambeh) 

Gulli'angah  (Be here  (in the sense of 'belong to the present moment/space in Yugambeh) 

St Matthew’s First Nations students Jye Holmes and Bailey Wharton, together with First Nations artist Jennifer Kent designed and co-created the Wall of Belonging at the entrance to the school during 2021. The Wall of Belonging features the hand-prints of all First Nations students as well as a thumbprint of all staff and students in the school community. Parents, carers and grandparents also contributed to the wall – painting emu and kangaroo tracks representing the good fathers and mothers in our community: 

  • ​the male emu sits on the eggs and looks after the young chicks. 
  • the female kangaroo protects her joey in her pouch and can’t go backwards – only forwards.​

The Wall of Belonging features two powerful quotes from Pope Francis’ 2020 encyclical – Fratelli Tutti. 

 We are called to "dream together" how to build a "community of belonging and solidarity".

"By its very nature, love calls for growth in openness and the ability to accept others."   

These quotes frame our vision for belonging at St Matthew’s.

Pope Francis. (2020, October 3). Fratelli Tutti .​​​