Principal's Welcome

On behalf of our community, I welcome you to St Matthew’s School. I hope that you find our website to be a great source of information about our fantastic school. 
Our parish and school community is named after St Matthew. There are in fact two Matthews in our Catholic tradition. The first was Matthew the tax-collector who was invited to become one of the 12 apostles and the second was Matthew the Evangelist who led a community of writers in sharing the gospel account. It is through Matthew the Evangelist’s story that we too join with our community of believers to learn from, live and share the Jesus story. 

We are proud of the learning community that has been developed at St Matthew’s. We are committed to the holistic education of our students in faith, knowledge, and love and through our Josephite beginnings, inspired by St. Mary of the Cross MacKillop, we live the message of Jesus as we welcome and treat all with kindness, dignity and respect. 

Our vision statements “ENGAGED AND MOTIVATED LEARNERS, ALWAYS FAITHFUL TO OUR LOVING GOD and EVERY CHILD EVERY DAY.” continue to ask us to ensure that learning is meaningful, engaging and motivating, that our children are active in growing and expressing their faith with loving relationships being key to all we do. 

Our community consists of a diverse range of students; displaying different interests, talents, learning needs, styles and cultural heritages. Our students are enthusiastic, creative learners, keen to help others and build a school that is inclusive of all. 
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As principal, I want the story of each student to be one where they experience many opportunities to grow and shine, to be active co-creators in their learning, striving for excellence and celebrating success, whilst having fun on the way. Whether it’s in their roles as student leaders, or Preps investigating their environment I want all to have a voice in their learning and experiences.  

All staff are enthusiastic, highly dedicated and committed to the spiritual, emotional, physical, intellectual, and social needs of our students. They bring a wide range of experience, skills and expertise and a deep commitment to provide students with caring relationships and positive learning experiences. They look forward to working closely with our students and parents/caregivers. 

You, the parents and carers are the first educators of your children. St Matthew’s seeks to work alongside you in the educational story of each child. Continually finding ways to ensure open and honest communication, building strong relationships and a community is always a priority.

I sincerely hope that you and your family will always feel welcome at St Matthew’s. 

Come and find out for yourself all about The St Matthew’s Story 
Principal – St Matthew’s Cornubia​

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