St Matthews Village Hub

village_hub_logo.pngWe are proud to introduce a new initiative into our St Matthew's community: The St Matthew's Village Hub.  The traditional African proverb β€œIt takes a village to raise a child" has been widely quoted when examining the partnerships required during the maturation of our youth. Our 'village' has never been more necessary than it is today. We live in a fast-paced, instant information and pressure-packed world. Today's children are faced with a myriad of both challenges and opportunities. Navigating parenthood can be a daunting undertaking – partnerships and supports are welcome and necessary to prepare our students for tomorrow. At your school we are eager to be active partners: our mission is to prepare students for tomorrow through Faith, with Knowledge and in Love. We have taken this concept and created a 'Village' for you to access in the time leading up and into your child's schooling years.  2018 is the first year the 'Village Hub' will be in operation at our school and we are very excited to see our doors open.

Our 'Village' is here to support you wholly: spiritually, mentally and physically on your journey from birth and into school.  We are looking to create community events, and workshops that will be of assistance to you, your child/ren and your family.  These will be around school readiness, early literacy and numeracy skills, parenting and discipline workshops, healthy eating and meal creation, social (without the media) events, spirit feeding events and seminars and supporting you to develop a relationship with God.  We are wanting to take this wherever you need it to go, so, your feedback is important to us. I am eager to hear your thoughts, wants, needs and desires, so please email me, Olivia Feather at