School Fees

photo15.jpg2020 School Fees Schedule.pdf

School Fee Structure

BCE School Fees Policy

​Direct Debit

Direct Debit facilities operate at the school for the collection​ of school fees.

Direct Debit Request

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Credit Card Payments


Leaving Early Refund Policy

As per the School Fee Policy, should a student leave the school during a school term, written notification must be forwarded to the Principal. Library books, 1:1 devices and all accessories are to be returned to the School.

Withdrawal of Enrolment

Fees will be payable for the whole term in which the enrolment is terminated. For a reduction in fees a written request must be made to the Principal at the time of notification and may be granted at the Principal’s discretion.

Student text books, library books and laptops and all accessories are to be returned to the School. If any fees remain outstanding, they will be payable as per the normal payment terms and where appropriate, any fees in credit will be refunded.’

For further clarification regarding the above school fee including the Leaving Early Refund Policy, please contact the school finance office.